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Whammo Sweet Shop High VG E-Liquid – Made By Vape Monster

Product information about Whammo High VG E-Liquid

About the flavour ‘Whammo’:
Whammo high VG e-liquid is based on the ever popular taste of the fizzy, raspberry flavoured chewy candy bar. The same loved flavour that is ever present at your local sweet shop. A rich raspberry flavour with a zing of fizz transports you back to days gone by as you vape. As a result, your taste buds should be ready to taste the same distinct flavour of Whammo you remember and love.

First of all, our 80-20 (80%VG/20%PG) short fill Sweet Shop range of high VG juices are TPD compliant and guaranteed to give a full flavour.  Each bottle of Whammo e-liquid is available with a 50ml measure inside a Gorilla type container. Consequently, this makes it possible to add a single 10ml nicotine shot (purchased separately) to create a 3mg strength e-liquid. Therefore, if you choose to vape free from nicotine or not, you can enjoy the fizzy fruit taste of Whammo.

E-Liquid Ingredients:
Propelene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Flavourings.

80VG – 20Pg

Bottle Size:
Gorilla type bottle

Mixing information

How to mix a 3mg e-liquid with a single 10ml nicotine shot:
You can use Whammo high VG e-liquid with or without a nicotine shot (purchased separately) because we provide each 60ml bottle with an easy to use screw out nib. To create a 3mg e-liquid simply follow these simple instructions. First of all, unscrew the top of your Whammo e-liquid to reveal the nib and furthermore unscrew the nib and remove. Open your 10ml nicotine shot and carefully pour the nicotine contents into your Whammo e-liquid. Replace nib, screw to tighten and in addition replace the bottle cap. Finally, shake the bottle vigorously until the contents mix. Finally, all that’s left to do is fill your e-cig tank and vape as normal to enjoy  a 3mg Whammo high VG e-liquid.

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With Nicotine Shot, Without Nicotine Shot


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